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[/zone] [zone size=”half” bgcolor=”dark” splatter=”no” top=”15%”] Crowerk’s second bottle label for GoodLife Brewing. A concept built upon the collaboration of a mixed fermentation process.
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Crowerks and GoodLife collaborated on the concept and naming for this beer, the can design taking a three dimensional approach to the printing.

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Apparel Design for Crossfit Type 44 Open 2017

This is the good shirt >>

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GoodLife Brewing needed production design for their 24 pack SweetAs box. Taking elements from the can design, Crowerks developed the design for corrugated print production.

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Local Bend illustrations of Mtn Bike trails for Hub Cyclery.

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Crowerks designed bottle labels for Comatose Imperial IPA by GoodLife Brewing.

See the Comatose Beer Bottle >>