Drumheller’s Food & Drink

Project Summary

Crowerks crafted a custom brand identity for Drumheller’s Food & Drink that balances casual refinement with approachable elegance. Working closely with the restaurant located inside The Lodge at Columbia Point, Crowerks developed logo designs, menus, signage, and collateral that convey Drumheller’s vision for seasonal, flavorful American fare alongside Columbia River views. Bespoke graphic elements and typography reflect the venue’s laidback sophistication and locally-sourced ethos. Crowerks’ thoughtful brand development provides Drumheller’s with a polished yet welcoming aesthetic aligned with its namesake founder’s values and hospitality legacy.


Crowerks designed branding to capture Drumheller’s spirit of casual refinement. Custom typography and graphic motifs establish an aesthetic of simple sophistication. Approachable graphic styling on menus, signage, and collateral presents an unpretentious vibe with class. Unique yet familiar, these thoughtful brand assets reflect Drumheller’s focus on seasonal flavors, genuine service, and riverfront relaxation in a warm, modern atmosphere.

Services Provided

Branding, Illustration, Photography, Print



Color Palette

Columbia blue, simple black, and neutral gray. Vibrant Pantone 280 blue evokes the flowing Columbia River. Deep black provides contrast and sophistication. A soft 40% black gray lends flexibility as an approachable accent shade. This cohesive triad aligns Drumheller’s with the relaxed yet refined setting along the scenic waterfront. The versatile hues allow the brand to feel familiar, elegant, and inviting.


To encapsulate the brand, Crowerks designed an elegant logo featuring the Drumheller’s name in a sleek, sans-serif wordmark. Below it, the category “Food & Drink” is listed in refined futura lettering. Two versions were created – with and without a classy oval frame that brings a sophisticated composure. This thoughtful logo combines timeless and contemporary textures for an overall aesthetic of casual refinement. The memorable wordmark surrounded by the oval evokes an established yet approachable eatery, while the version without is cleanly minimal. Both polished versions align with Drumheller’s vision of seasonal flavors in a relaxed riverfront atmosphere.


Crowerks chose strategic typography with the versatile Futura PT family. Bold caps establish hierarchy for headlines while book caps add refined contrast for titles. Approachable book text provides readability for main copy. Subtle oblique subtitles lend visual interest for details. Combined scales and styles create an elegant system across headings, categories, descriptions, and notes. This tailored mix of Futura PT weights balances sophistication and accessibility in alignment with Drumheller’s refined aesthetic.

Property Photography

The Ocean Lodge - Key PhotoThe Ocean Lodge - Key Photo

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