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Fellner and Kuhn, based in downtown Portland, Oregon, is a well-known CPA firm specializing in tax planning, tax prep, bookkeeping and loads of additional business finance tracking tasks we’re so glad they handle (not us).
crowerks was hired to assist the brand as it transitioned into younger hands. The design challenge was to appeal to a more youthful generation while maintaining the balance of retaining a generation that has trusted F&K for years. They needed to be hip, youthful, professional and trustworthy.
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The list of deliverables for F&K was extensive, working through their business cards, letterheads, 2 styles of envelopes, rack cards and web.
crowerks strives to reiterate each client brand across multiple media in order to maintain continuity. To do this, we develop custom brand guidelines for both in-house and for hand-off.
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Built on a custom responsive WordPress platform, the new site for F&K is both responsive and flexible for their growth. With links to third party client management systems, the F&K site is a conduit for both new and existing clientele.
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“I have been working with Cory for several years now and have always come to expect a quality solution and product for our business needs at a reasonable price. Cory designed our website and marketing materials. Cory is very approachable and includes the customer in the process. We provided a guideline of what we expected and let Cory use his artistic license to prepare an excellent product for our firm.
Service Category: Web Designer / Marketing Materials
Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative”
Douglas A. Lacher
CPA, Fellner & Kuhn

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