Lodge at Columbia Point


Website and Mobile Development

Drumheller’s Food and Drink Brand

The Lodge at Columbia Point needed a brand new website to represent their riverfront hotel in Richland, Washington. One of the conceptual problems was how to reach both business and leisure travelers while giving a classic and timeless feel within a modern design.

We accomplished this with a clean layout that allows room for strong visuals and readable text. We also utilized the latest technology of multiple slide carousels sizing themselves responsively that allow users to easily see more information in a beautiful way no matter what device they are using.

Mobile Responsive Development

For the guest room pages, we developed a unique mobile responsive feature. On a larger device, it displays a justified grid of thumbnails the user can click into. One a smaller device, it takes the same gallery of images and sizes them down into a swipeable carousel. This enhances the user experience based on the device they are using.

View this website online at lodgeatcolumbiapoint.com

Drumheller’s Brand

Drumheller’s Food & Drink is the restaurant that opened within The Lodge at Columbia Point. We needed to design a brand that was modern, yet familiar. Unpretentious yet classy.