Ocean Inn at Manzanita

Project Summary

Crowerks leveraged their expertise in visual storytelling and hospitality branding to create an immersive new website for the Ocean Inn at Manzanita. Working closely with the client, they designed an intuitive, mobile-friendly site with an elegant aesthetic that reflected the venue’s laidback coastal vibe. Soothing blue hues and professional images spotlight the serene environment and ocean views that make the inn an idyllic retreat.

Special Feature

Using current web development best practices, Crowerks built a website with a sleek, uncluttered design that adapts seamlessly across devices, ensuring optimal viewing on any screen size. Their responsive framework creates a smooth user experience whether visitors access the site on a desktop, phone, or tablet.

Services Provided

Web Development, Interior and Exterior Photography




Color Palette

To evoke the inn’s scenic coastal surroundings, Crowerks incorporated a color palette of stormy ocean blue (#001441) and tan sandy hue (#75704C). This soothing combination transports visitors to the serene Oregon shore.


Property Photography

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