Special Sauce

2019: G. Love’s Special Sauce- The Juice IPA

Sometimes the stars align and two forces are brought together to create special things. GoodLife Brewing collaborated with national recording artist G. Love to release a limited edition seasonal release of G. Love’s Special Sauce IPA. crowerks designed the can artwork, keg collars, posters, and captured photos for this special collaboration.

Years ago, when Curt Plants first heard G. Love play, he was immediately blown away by the soulful sound of his voice and was hypnotized by the sound coming out of the guitar and harmonica. Fast forward 15 years, and G. Love and Special Sauce played at GoodLife Brewing and here is how the story goes: Played at the brewery last note rang, after the show, drank into the wee hours and from Philly to Bend, talking craft beers and good vibes, concocted this dankest Special Sauce known to man-kind.