+ crowerks is a creative studio specializing in the creation and revitalization of hospitality, travel and leisure brands. We are a team of geeks, nerds and designers dedicated to the convergence of art and science. Our process is built upon storytelling that is shaped by artist/programmers in an anomalous fashion. Simply put, we craft custom visuals from our clients’ stories in effort to convey them to people, not computers. \\


Cory Burnett


Utility player on the design field, Cory is a mix of artist and programmer. With a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Multimedia Design from the University of Oregon and an Associates Degree in Architecture, he brings together a myriad of talents and serves as crowerks Creative Director.

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Brook Burnett


Co-founding crowerks in 2001, Brook set the bar high for the design team that collaborates today. With a Graphic Design degree from Lane Community College, her diverse background in traditional art and her technical know-how place her as the lead illustrator and Art Director.

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Thomas Robinson


Thomas Robinson is a talented and versatile front-end web developer who has worked at Crowerks for over a decade. He has developed much of the current code for the company’s websites, and his keen eye for detail is evident in both his code and his photography.

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Julie Iannarone


Julie is filling a critical role within our company as Project Manager and will also be taking on some production design projects. A Cannon Beach native, Julie has a bachelors in Journalism & Communications from the University of Oregon and has worked in multiple Director positions leading teams in the US and internationally for over 8 years.

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Something to be checked at the door.

We take ourselves a little less serious in effort to have fun, experiment and go home happier!

crowerks goal is to work with brilliant people that have brilliant stories to tell. We attempt to keep things super ( stupid ) simple (yes KISS) because we believe nobody wants to use stupid stuff. We’re intentionally small so we stay nimble and connected. When you contact us, you’re going to converse with us, not punch your way through a phone tree or get an auto-reply. Our work is custom, our culture is custom.